Fantasy F1 Rules

The Rules for cs97jjm3 Fantasy F1

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  • Choose 2 different drivers; team partners are allowed. Each driver is based on information from the FIA Formula One website here
  • Choose 1 constructor. Each constructor is based on information from the FIA Formula One website here
  • Pick a race to receive double points
  • Your team budget cannot exceed 48 million
  • In the event of an end of season competition tie-breaker, the winner will be judged on your two submitted tie-breaker answers:
  • Your guess on Lewis Hamilton’s championship position at end of season
  • Your guess on the constructor who has won the most pole positions at the end of the season

Sorry, but transfers are not currently possible after the registration deadline; I’m still working on this

The deadline for team registrations is 5.10am on 16th March 2019

If you have ANY questions, please email

cs97jjm3 Fantasy F1 is free to play (yes FREE!)  but to assist in getting prizes that you can win, you can pay to enter as many extra teams as you like. If you feel generous, please do make a donation that helps pay for the upkeep of the site.


  1. Each player scores the sum of points awarded according to how the components of the player’s registered team has performed in each Grand Prix (see below for an explanation of the scoring)
  2. The competition winner will be the person whose registered team has the highest number of points at the end of the season, based on the scoring system for this year’s league
  3. Competition registration will only be accepted if all the criteria are met. If I need to change or edit an entry, I will contact you via email with an explanation
  4. If situations occur outside of the rules of the competition, the Moderator’s decision will be final, and it is not just me, my son has the final say!
  5. I will try to obtain a Formula 1 related prize again for the competition winner (feel free to send me any).


  1. The FIA website will be the standard for all the qualifying and finishing positions
  2. Points are awarded as follows: 1st place = 25 points; 2nd = 18; 3rd = 15; 4th = 12; 5th = 10; 6th = 8; 7th = 6; 8th = 4; 9th = 2; 10th = 1. If drivers are tied on points, positions are decided on results countback. Wins are compared, and the driver with most wins is classified ahead. If wins are equal, second places are looked at, and so on.
  3. Pole Position; 2 points. This only applies to the fastest driver, not your chosen constructor.
  4. Fastest lap is 1 point for driver and constuctor in race
  5. Constructors Points for each of your two drivers. Constructors points will be scored at half the points of the Driver Finishing Position Points, as detailed above. Both cars will score if they finish – but no bonus points will be awarded
  6. All decimal numbers will be rounded up/down to the nearest whole number as per the FIA Classification
  7. Points shall be awarded as per the FIA Classification, and any changes made by FIA
  8. For your chosen double point race, you will only get double points for each of your drivers and your constructor and this year you will get double points for Pole Position but not fastest lap


  1. The budget this year is 48 million
  2. Each team must consist of 2 drivers and 1 constructor. No duplicate drivers are allowed: but driver/constructor combinations are allowed within budget 🙂
  3. Players cannot choose the same driver..

Other Stuff

  1. ABSENTEES. If any drivers fail to race for any reason then the points scored by their substitute will be awarded accordingly, both to the constructor, and the absent driver. Other variations will be dealt with at the time, and I will issue emails to clarify
  2. TIE BREAK. The final tie break is who correctly guessed Lewis Hamilton’s position at end of season, then by the most poles won by their chosen tie-break constructor. If a tie still exists, the winner will be who has the largest score based on their Driver 1 and Driver 2 points. If a tie still exists even then, the winner will be who submitted their F1 team first
  3. PROTEST. Any team owner wishing to protest point calculation for any race may submit a protest by email, clearly stating the calculation being questioned. Otherwise they may cry to me over the phone if this is more convenient. This must be submitted within 5 days of the results being issued, as mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards.