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The 2017 Formula 1 season starts soon! cs97jjm3 Fantasy F1 is free to play (yes FREE!), and I wouldn't want it any other way - but to assist in getting prizes that you can win, you can pay to enter as many extra teams as you like. If you feel generous, please do make a donation that helps pay for the upkeep of the site.

Formula 1 is a sport I love and it is my hope that, even if you're not a fan already, playing cs97jjm3 Fantasy F1 will encourage you to follow the sport too. So if you haven't done so already, why not sign up for the coming season? Read more here.

Please do not forget the generous people who are helping us with sponsorship here

Latest News

Hamilton's Singapore win does not change our approach - Mercedes : Lewis Hamilton will have to remain on top of his game to maintain his lead in the F1 championship, his Mercedes team say.

Fizz-sprayer or bit-part player - can you pick the podium finishers? : As Nico Hulkenberg sets an unwanted F1 record in Singapore, can you work out who did - and didn't - make the podium?

Gossip: Malaysia tough for McLaren - Alonso : Fernando Alonso predicts a tough test for McLaren in Malaysia, Jolyon Palmer turns down a severance package, plus more.

Mexican Grand Prix will go ahead as planned despite earthquake : Next month's Mexican Grand Prix will go ahead as planned despite the earthquake that hit the capital Mexico City on Tuesday.

Perez donates to Mexico City earthquake fund : Force India driver Sergio Perez donates three million pesos (£124,500) to victims of the earthquake in his native Mexico.

Jim Clark museum given go ahead : A funding package is in place for the project celebrating the Scottish two-time Formula One champion.

When F1's partnerships go 'bang' : McLaren's second marriage with Honda has ended in divorce - but it is not the first time an F1 partnership has gone horribly wrong.

Lewis Hamilton: F1 driver on going vegan and his fears for the planet : Lewis Hamilton is aiming to become a vegan in an attempt to pursue the healthiest possible lifestyle and avoid damaging the planet.

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